Supporting Messmer

To the Editor: As a retired physician and former Stratham health officer I have spent my life trying to improve the health of my patients and the community.

Even more essential for good health than expert, convenient, compassionate and affordable medical care is a healthy environment in which to grow and live.

A basic requirement is clean drinking water.

In the Seacoast and the Merrimack River Valley there is PFAS contamination of drinking water due to industrial and military base runoff.

We have the nation’s highest rates of bladder, breast and pediatric cancers. Mindi Messmer was instrumental in discovering the connection between PFAS and the pediatric cancer cluster around the Coakley Landfill. As a state rep from Rye she introduced and got passed several bills to ameliorate the situation. With State Rep. Renny Cushing she has founded the New Hampshire Safe Water Alliance to fight this problem.

We desperately need elected officials at all levels of government who understand and advocate for science and fact-based responses to our environmental crises, both clean water and fossil fuel-caused man-made climate change.

Without a healthy and sustainable environment the best medical care is just a Band-Aid. Mindi Messmer’s public health and environmental science educational background and practical professional experience exemplifies a rational scientific approach to our most important societal problem.

Our Executive Council must not just approve expenditures and confirm appointments, but must proactively approach the problems that threaten our very survival. That’s why I support Mindi and why you should too!