To the Editor: I believe two things are equally true: New Hampshire does not need an income tax, but we do need a Paid Family Medical Leave program. Governor Sununu was right to veto the Legislature’s paid leave plan because it was an income tax.

But what about his plan?

With Sununu’s Twin State Voluntary Leave Plan, we finally have a viable option for paid family leave insurance with no income tax.

It’s a plan that leverages the state employees of New Hampshire and Vermont to manage costs by creating a large risk pool.

Critics claim that the plan isn’t much of a plan, that there aren’t enough details to implement it.

I wonder whether they have bothered to read the information put out by the Governor’s Office or the details of his plan in his proposed state budget.

The plan is voluntary, allowing anyone in New Hampshire to opt in, even the self-employed.

It allows for up to six weeks of 60 percent of an employee’s pay, with employees eligible after one year of employment.

There are job protections for companies with 20 or more employees, which is even more protective than federal law.

I support paid family leave, I support consumer choice and I support New Hampshire’s no-income-tax advantage, which is why I support the Twin State Voluntary Leave Plan.