Tax relief Republicans can be proud of in NH

To the Editor: Goffstown residents and businesses are going to see historic tax relief as a result of our recently passed Republican budget.

Due to the reforms and tax reductions we put into place in the current budget, over the next 10 years Granite Staters will see more than a billion dollars in tax savings. We’re reducing taxes on employers, lowering the cost of going out to eat or staying up north, and we’re fully eliminating the interest and dividends tax over the next 5 years.

Over 30,000 additional Granite State small businesses are going to be exempt from even filing taxes as we raised the minimum business tax thresholds.

This is a budget I was proud to support and I am even prouder to promote it to Goffstown residents. This was a historic New Hampshire budget and Granite Staters ought to know that Republicans delivered for them.



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