Thanks for reporting on indoctrination in schools

To the Editor: I thank the Union Leader for its reporting on “anti-White training” that is being questioned by former school board member Richard Girard in Manchester.

Critical race theory, which is finding its way into school curricula including Manchester schools, apparently is a racist anti-American divisive idea from Marxism. This idea is a way to foment revolution in America by dividing people according to race beginning with children!

In Karl Marx’s time, he divided people according to class — workers against capitalists (owners of businesses) and eventually the Russian Revolution (Bolshevik) resulted, in which millions of people died and were displaced and the country was turned into a communist prison.

Do we want that here? Critical race theory is finding its way into schools to brainwash our children into dividing themselves by race and trying to make them victims or oppressors, according to what “they” say children should be concerned about.

I invite all parents to investigate this critical race theory and see that their children are not indoctrinated with it in school.

If you’re not familiar with this, look up an article by Christopher Rufo given at Hillsdale College on March 30. I thank Paul Feely for his important article on June 30th in the Union Leader.



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