COVID-19 has destroyed lives, we must ‘Build Back Better’

To the Editor: Like so many other mothers across the country, I left my job because of the pandemic. With schools closed and no readily available child care options, I had to stay home to take care of my two kids. Moreover, as someone with a disability, continuing on in my retail job during a pandemic just wasn’t an option.

My family found the adjustment to online learning a challenge, but we made it work. The change actually inspired me to further my own education. I had been dreaming about becoming a better advocate for my community, so I decided to enroll in Nashua Community College’s online paralegal program.

I’m lucky at this time of my life to be in a place where I could pursue higher education. Before, the cost of a college education was prohibitive and once I became a mom, money and time were especially sparse. That’s why I’m so excited to see that “Build Back Better” would provide two years of free community college.

Free community college would open so many doors to people who have been left behind. Personally, I would be freed from the financial and mental burden of figuring out how to pay for my education. I hope that we can count on Senators Maggie Hassan and Jeanne Shaheen to help pass the “Build Back Better” agenda so that we can build a future where my children and their classmates won’t miss out on getting a degree or certification because they couldn’t afford it.



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