The route of all evil

To the Editor: Allow me this, my countrymen

Both newcomers and denizens

Our national heart is breaking

All while the rich keep taking

Some make plans in muck and mire

Some act upon a pure desire

Please know that love begins at home

First to our own, not foreign thrones


Looks nothing like globalism

The former feeds the hungry earth

The latter makes rich wallets burst

Question all who seek great power

Judging us from ivory towers

Search for the light in everyone

For dark hearts thrive on tidy sums



Thursday, March 04, 2021
Wednesday, March 03, 2021

To the Editor: Patrick Buchan's op-ed "Donald Trump: Once and Future King" is particularly disturbing. Donald Trump was elected president, albeit a public servant, not made a King. With respect to this country, he never was and never will be a king. And, based upon his conduct on January 6, …

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