To the Editor: Governor Sununu is trying to hold back the onslaught of Democrat party bills that change the direction of the state. Repeal of the voter regulation changes that require that a voter in NH actually lives here. This is a common sense bill that asks that out of state students either commit (among other things) to the state with a driver’s license or maybe vote in their home state on an absentee ballot. And if you think that this is a small percentage of votes cast some local elections are decided by from 1-20 votes. It is not right that someone who is not impacted by the results be allowed to impact the true residents of the location. Putting the brakes on the state’s economy by stopping the small business tax cut which has contributed to the growth and good job numbers the Democrat agenda just keeps taxing and spending. The legislature needs to start reflecting the voters in their district. These programs only work until you run out of other folk’s money and the other folks are you.