Time for public schools to learn from New Hampshire parents

To the Editor: For those that don’t know me, my many years of public service started in the public school system. I served as a chair of a public school and its associated school administration unit board.

In many school systems, the parents provide the foundation of support for the schools. This is changing.

New Hampshire parents have seen the ever increasing liberal leanings of teachers. During the pandemic, parents were forced to stay at home while their children were taught remotely. This allowed parents to see the curriculum their kids were exposed to. A lot of parents became less and less happy.

The straw that may have broken the camel’s back has been critical race theory (CRT). The interesting thing has been how the education system is denying its existence while parents are seeing it for themselves first hand.

As a result, public schools are losing their base. More and more parents are home schooling, utilizing charter and private schools and now, in New Hampshire, school choice is an option where state education aid follows the student, not the school.

We are seeing more and more parents attending school board meetings. The boards had best listen to these parents. They are the school’s customers and if ignored, may become future school board members.

I look forward to seeing if public education, as a governmental agency, can respond positively.



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