Demand accountability of radical Republicans

To the Editor: “Unemployed reluctant to go back to work until they feel safe, well compensated” published on 10/09/2021 only tells part of the story of the labor shortage.

To date, COVID-19 has killed 700,000 potential workers. According to the National Council on Compensation Insurance, 3% of workers who acquire COVID-19 and survive will leave the workforce due to permanent disabilities, potentially over a million workers.

Many part-time workers seeking additional income to spend on vacations and other discretionary purchases are staying home. How many retirees or formerly working moms are going to risk getting COVID-19 working as a substitute teacher, or bagging groceries in the local supermarket?

Vaccines and masks provide a clear path to restoring normalcy in our country and it is sad that the Republican Party in New Hampshire will not acknowledge this simple fact. Instead, many of our elected representatives are using social media to promote misinformation on vaccines, alternative treatments, and COVID-19 conspiracy theories. Check your representative’s Facebook, Twitter, and postings, and when they state that they are true conservatives, ask what exactly that means. New Hampshire needs representation that is reasonable, not radical; it is time to demand accountability.



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