To the Editor: United Van Lines has released their 2018 inter-state migration report and it has named New Jersey as the #1 state for outward migration last year. I contributed to this unfortunate designation, having employed United for my move from NJ last summer here to Hampton.

New Jersey has great climate, is abundant in physical beauty and its proximity to New York City should make it one of the premier places to live. But an overtaxing, overregulating and generally intrusive government there tries to control nearly every aspect of personal and financial behavior. They have ruined everything. Most of the reasons people in surveys cite for leaving relate the way NJ is governed.

At 61 years I uprooted an otherwise comfortable life in Jersey to move to here and the reason I chose this place was I felt New Hampshire, unlike New Jersey, respected its people and the way you respect people is you don’t tell them what to do.

You have something very special here in New Hampshire and you should cherish and protect it. More so than in any other state you have a culture of liberty and respect for the individual. We are reminded of this every time we see our license plate.

I am dismayed this legislative season to see so many of the types of laws that ruined life in New Jersey being entertained for enactment in New Hampshire. Following the governmental footsteps of New Jersey will definitely get you another New Jersey. But with bad weather.