Trump lacks qualities a president needs to lead

To the Editor: Mencius, who lived approximately 2,120 years ago, proposed four principals for good government that should still apply today. They are benevolence, righteousness, propriety and knowledge. Sadly, none of the qualities that Donald J. Trump seems to possess. Benevolence (immigration policy). Righteousness (hush money to porn stars). Propriety (total failure in response to COVID-19 and Putin’s bounties on American service men and women). Knowledge (paying someone to take his SAT’s and refusing to read briefs more than one page, if he even reads them at all).

I strongly urge everyone to consider these failings when voting in November.


New Ipswich

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To the Editor: When Merrimack residents learned in early 2016 that we had been drinking water that was contaminated with toxic perfluorinated chemicals (PFAS) for years due to a lack of state regulations, we turned to our elected officials for support, including our District 11 state senator…