To the Editor: With all the daily news about COVID-19 perhaps you have forgotten politics? Recently, the president involved himself in New Hampshire politics by persuading the state GOP to no longer financially support two GOP candidates, Don Bolduc and Matt Mayberry, as they would usually support any GOP candidate.

Why did he do this you may ask? Well, I don't know the truth, but I will guess. Both the candidates he does support worked for him in the White House. I believe he is trying to set them up with cushy jobs at the expense of New Hampshire taxpayers.

Why these harsh measures against candidates Bolduc and Mayberry? I guess he feels that his two guys will not stand a chance of being elected on their own.

I happen to know that Don Bolduc (a New Hampshire native son) has been several times requested by Corky Mesner's team to drop out of the race, but Don, feeling he is the best candidate to represent other New Hampshire natives, chose to stay in the race in spite of the insistent demands to drop out.

Don many times has publicly stated he would support President Donald Trump and that he will represent his friends and neighbors in New Hampshire to his utmost when elected. I feel that this vendetta against Bolduc and Mayberry is because Trump's cronies feel that these two unsupported native sons are likely shoo-ins and that this action is the only way to get their carpetbagger lackeys elected..."Live free or Die!"



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