Trump should resign or be removed from office

To the Editor: I was born and raised a Republican and am a longtime proud resident of our Granite State.

I hope that after Wednesday’s debacle our governor and congressional representatives are examining the past and future of the GOP, standing up, speaking out and endorsing all actions underway to impeach the president or invoke the 25th or 14th Amendments to have him removed. This should be done now, before he does further harm to America and the GOP.

Furthermore, to save American democracy it is urgent that our leaders call out the president and those GOP congressional representatives and leaders who stood behind him during the siege on the Capitol. They must be rebuked — and punished — for their constitutional crimes supporting the president’s call for overturning a totally legitimate election, promoting the “big lie” that encouraged a terrorist attack on our Capitol — our temple to democracy.

At present, the GOP — and most of all the President — will go down in history for the damage they have done to the great institutions of the United States of America; sowing discord, falsehoods and hatred to advance, what? Their own power? Their own prejudices? Their own fears?

Speak out! Act now to redeem your party…. Else start a new one. Impeach or invoke the 25th or 14th Amendments and remove this monster and those supporting his big lie from office now.


South Hampton

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To the Editor: Patrick Buchan's op-ed "Donald Trump: Once and Future King" is particularly disturbing. Donald Trump was elected president, albeit a public servant, not made a King. With respect to this country, he never was and never will be a king. And, based upon his conduct on January 6, …

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