Biden endorsement cowardly

To the Editor: Your need to “like” President Donald Trump in order to endorse him reminds me of John McCain’s childish health care vote. Without Donald Trump, we would now have three more liberal U.S. Supreme Court justices appointed by Hillary Clinton. That alone is worthy of our unending appreciation.

Joe Biden is a bumbling ancient placeholder for the radical left. Trump’s conservative accomplishments have been impressive — especially given the George Soros-led resistance he has faced at every turn. Tax reform, ending the ISIS caliphate, immigration reform, VA reform, deregulation, energy independence, Middle East peace progress, standing up to China, ending the Iran nuclear deal and NAFTA are but a few on the list.

The GOP establishment, with all of its corruption and cowardly leadership, is as dead as the newspaper ignorant enough to still support it. You are now, officially, The Union Loser.



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