Postal service is vital

To the Editor: Both of my parents worked at the United States Postal Service for multiple decades before they recently retired. The postal service is a public service, it has a duty to provide everyone with a mailbox, one that is protected by federal law. They operate with zero dollars from taxpayers, solely funded off of postage and, more recently, the Amazon deal. Everyone sees that mail truck coming down their street, waves and smiles are exchanged. Our letter carrier used to keep dog treats in his truck — an age-old tactic to befriend the furriest protectors of the neighborhood.

The mail carrier is a sign of community, of normalcy and of government working for everyday people.

The USPS is an organization that works for the purpose of serving the public and every year it is the medium by which millions of Americans cast their votes. As it currently stands, coronavirus has left us all unsure of how we will vote in November. Right now, Congress is working on additional economic relief packages to address the impact of COVID-19. We’re watching too many politicians put the desires of wealthy corporations ahead of the needs of everyday people, needs that include the postal service.

A People’s Bailout will provide relief and support for everyday people; it’s necessary for us and our democracy. The post office provided a living wage, meaning, and community in the lives of my parents. We must ensure it can continue to do so for many American families.


Bryant Road, Manchester

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