To the Editor: Last week three women and six of their children were gunned down in Mexico. The women were in two separate SUVs which were far apart from each other.

It wasn’t one case of mistaken identity.

These were American citizens.

Their families had refused to pay protection money to the drug cartels.

This is a country President Trump claims is safe enough for those seeking asylum in this country to stay for months before being allowed into this country to make their plea.

Trump threatened Mexico with big tariffs if the country did not agree to hold these asylum seekers.

He stopped hundreds of millions in aid money to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador trying to coerce them into stopping people fleeing gang violence in those countries from traveling north to the U.S.

He strong armed Guatemala’s president into claiming that country was a safe haven for asylum seekers, even those fleeing his own country.

It is clear Trump cares nothing about the lives of others. What I find unfathomable is that so many of the pro-life evangelicals do not either. It is time they stopped saying they care about the sanctity of life and start saying they only care about the sanctity of the fetus.