Unvaccinated people pose a huge danger to all of us

To the Editor: At this point in the pandemic it is clear that those people who have decided to skip being vaccinated have caused large numbers of hospital admissions and are otherwise helping the virus to spread. Most hospitals are unable to provide normally needed surgeries and treatments because they are overwhelmed by their unvaccinated patients. Some of these hospitals are currently letting some people who need their care die based on having to ration who can get their care.

President Joe Biden and his administration have been good in encouraging vaccination and in providing funds and assistance to help the country deal with the pandemic. But I feel it is still very inadequate. Here are a couple of things that deserve to be considered.

Unvaccinated people who have no valid medical excuse should bear their own medical costs when they become hospitalized and when they need ongoing testing. Why should taxpayers have to bear their costs? The unvaccinated should also not be able to fly or use any public transportation because they pose a real danger to the other passengers. I certainly do not want to be in the same plane, train, or bus with them.

Some other counties are losing patience with unvaccinated people. I believe this is justified at this point. Last, I feel that people who publicly advocate being unvaccinated or spread lies about the vaccines on social or public media should face legal and financial penalties.