Plexiglass goalie won’t keep virus from scoring

To the Editor: Congratulations to Mr. Paul Bemis on his opinion piece regarding the use of plexiglass as a deterrent to the spread of COVID-19. With a background in both aerospace engineering and aerospace medicine, I simply find it astounding that anyone in the medical field would consider this use of plexiglass an effective barrier to any viral agents and find it difficult to understand why it was adopted.

This past Sunday, while my wife and I were doing some quick shopping in a local store on South River Road, I was chastised by a checkout cashier for standing 6 inches to the left of one of these barriers when I tried to insert my debit card into the credit card machine. Everyone was wearing masks as usual. As we left the store, I mentioned to my wife that I guessed that viruses have learned to travel only in straight lines now. Thanks for a detailed scientific discussion of this issue.



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