Volunteers are resurrecting the city’s Valley Cemetery

To the Editor: Resurrecting Valley Cemetery in Manchester is a monumental task. Years of neglect, abuse at the hands of individuals and erosion by nature have left it in dismal condition.

Work had been done by The Friends Of Valley Cemetery. However, a dedicated assembly of volunteers led by Tanya Orr have begun to breath new life into this final resting place for Manchester’s departed.

Ms. Orr has worked tirelessly to secure funding, obtain assistance from companies to clear years of overgrowth and find specialists to train volunteers in cleaning and resetting headstones.

For those who assemble on Saturday mornings, this has become a labor of love. Infused by Ms. Orr, they slowly return each broken or discolored headstone to serve as a visual reminder that here lies a person who once was a citizen of this city.

For more information about the project, search for Save Valley Cemetery and Tanya Orr on Facebook.


Elm Street, Manchester