Those we elect often are least-worst option

To the Editor: The 8 July Union Leader gave us an op-ed two-fer, Jennifer Horn, “Trump needs your support to do more damage” and John Hutson, “Biden has the qualities to be commander in chief.”

Ms. Horn implies and outright says a lot of half truths. Like comedy, the best politics has a smidgen of truth in it. Example: Ms. Horn wrote that peaceful protesters were violently dispersed so a photo could be taken in front of a church. Did she notice that the church had been set on fire?

Ms. Horn references trade policies with China and the pandemic. How would we be if it were Hillary Clinton running for re-election? Does anybody remember Charlie Tree, the Chinese national who funneled tons of money into the other Clinton’s election campaign and subsequently, sophisticated guidance and control technology was transferred from Honeywell to China, vastly improving their ballistic missile capability? Would we know about Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Island” now that Bill is implicated? How would the Clinton global “crime syndicate” be doing?

As to Rear Admiral Hutson, a 27-year Navy veteran (fighter and Special Ops pilot, 3 combat tours), please don’t speak for me. Hutson lists his resume to buttress his opinion that Biden has the character and competence to be commander in chief. How many of his lawyer friends didn’t come back from their missions? I have, sadly, lost count. As we say in the military, “‘nuff said.”

Voting is a binary choice. Sadly it’s become a pick of least worst.