We can help beat cancer by encouraging early screening

To the Editor: I was heartened to hear President Joe Biden’s speech last month where he said that it is “within our power” to end cancer. With so many advances in medical science, it’s really tragic that cancer continues to be the cause of so many lost lives.

We know that one of the challenges with cancer is that so many lack early screenings. This is especially an issue for seniors, like me, who are at a higher risk for developing cancer. But, I’m hopeful that may change soon.

The FDA will be reviewing new technologies called multi-cancer early detection that can identify many deadly cancers through a simple blood draw.

An important starting point is bipartisan legislation in Congress called the Multi-Cancer Early Detection Screening Act, which would allow Medicare coverage of these innovations once they are approved by the FDA.

I’m proud that our president is willing to take this on and know that our representatives in Congress will be there to help as I ask our New Hampshire Delegation to support this important legislation.


Claire Street, Manchester