We were warned but did nothing

To the Editor: Everyone blew it when it comes to the coronavirus as both SARS and MERS also were corona viruses. Twice we were warned of the potential of another outbreak, yet the effort to develop a vaccine ended when those outbreaks burned out.

The medical industries figured there would be no return on investment for a vaccine for an illness not out there in circulation, so development stopped.

If the government had funded further development, then when the COVID19 outbreak first started we would have been 98% of the way there with a vaccine that just needed tweaking a bit for the new strain. But no one in the media, or in either party talked about this. Now the politicians are trying to blame each other for us not being prepared.

Just like the war on cancer has not gone well, progress has been at a snail’s pace. You either set an ambitious goal, like “ending all childhood cancers by the end of the decade,” or accept the fact that when your kid has cancer, the options will be limited and ineffective.

Something should have been done after the SARS and MERS outbreaks.

Larry Oliveto


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To the Editor: Having moved to New Hampshire from Miami two years ago, I was proud of the response of the citizens of this great state to the COVID-19 virus and now we are better off for it. Things are not great, and there is pain and suffering for sure, but compared to other states, y’all c…

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