What did Biden and Obama do about racism?

To the Editor: Joe Biden and the Democrats claim that there is systemic racism in the country and if elected he will address it and root out the problem. Pandering is no stranger to the Democrats and the race card is always their hole card when there is a high stakes game to be played.

What would you do in the next four years Joe, that you and Barack Obama, the first Black president, failed to do during the eight years that you two were in power to address this alleged systemic racism? Did the problem not exist when you two were running the show? Tell us the plan, Joe. It’s there on the screen. Just read the lines.



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To the Editor:  Last week many people in the North Country received in the mail a flyer in support of a Republican candidate running for a state office. It's not important which candidate because the flyer stated that although the material was paid for by the New Hampshire Republican State C…

Tuesday, September 22, 2020