What did we learn from 2nd impeachment trial?

To the Editor: 1. Republicans will never hold Donald Trump accountable, despite their constitutional duty to do so (checks & balances). There is no conceivable act that they would see as an impeachable offense — not undermining the Constitution, democracy and the rule of law; not incitement to overthrow a valid election; not bribery, corruption, or pathological lying to the American people.

This is Trump’s Republican Party. They can no longer call themselves the law-and-order party. They can call themselves the big lie party, the hoax and fraud party, and the anti-democracy Party.

Their cult leader is without a moral compass and has a toxic need for power. He took no responsibility for the events of January 6 and made no attempt to stop the insurrection once it started. He feels no remorse for putting legislators, police, election officials, and his own vice president into harm’s way.

Trump’s America is one of conflict and chaos, armed vigilantes, empowered White supremacists, QAnon, conspiracies, and division.

Republicans are untrustworthy as legislative partners, even more so than those who exploited Barack Obama’s attempt at bipartisanship in 2009. Trump Republicans see compromise as capitulation, prioritizing party over the country.

Donald Trump still has not acknowledged that Joe Biden is the lawfully elected president — same with his followers. As de facto leader of the Republican Party, he remains an existential threat to our democracy. The Republican Party has sold its soul to a despot.


New London

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