What’s with the masks?

To the Editor: For the longest time after COVID-19 hit us, we saw and heard both government officials and health experts telling us that masks were of no use to the general public. At the same time, we noticed that these same people started to wear masks themselves.

As a medical professional myself I am trying to make logic out of this mask-uerade. Are these officials immune to the truth, common sense and 100 years of precedence, or do they simply take the public for fools?

Now, in New Hampshire, while we are not among the hardest hit states, the stream of cars north with Massachusetts plates suggests we are not that well off for long. Massachusetts has over 80,000 “confirmed” cases of COVID-19. I am not sure that Gov. Chris Sununu can do anything about this invasion by our neighbor, after all this is America. But please, our friends to the south, do your shopping and fill your tanks in your own state for the time being.

I have read that New Hampshire has received many millions of N95 masks with millions more to come. Stop stockpiling and start to offer, perhaps even sell, these $1 masks to the public. Maybe you need to stockpile these millions of masks in this state of 1.3 million or so, but at least make them available to those of us labeled “at high risk” until there are enough for everyone.

Wouldn’t this be preferable to the shutdowns you have commanded? Psst! Don’t tell anyone, but I have seen many lawmakers wearing masks. In interest of disclosure, I am a lifelong Republican.



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