Why is NH alone in not tracking abortions?

To the Editor: On April 27, the Union Leader had an article informing readers of the availability of all kinds of useful health information available through the Centers for Disease Control. This agency collects data on almost every imaginable health condition and disease with a view to prevention, cures, etc. It receives abortion information from the states in order to evaluate programs aimed at preventing unintended pregnancies, assess women at high risk, look at gestational information and abortion fatality rates, etc.

If one goes to any of the CDC referenced sites, however, one will see that New Hampshire is not represented in any of the information. Why? Because we are one of just a couple of states where the legislature does not wish the public to know the extent of the abortion atrocity in our state. If one wants to have any idea of the number of unborn children losing their lives in New Hampshire, one can go down to the Penacook St. Planned Parenthood on a Wednesday (surgical abortion day) and and see that 15-20 pregnant women enter and that 15-20 non-pregnant women leave. (On other days, many women go in for chemical abortions.) This is just one place in our great state where our preborn population is decimated. But no stats are available.


Belmont Street, Manchester