We should rethink spending more on Manchester airport

To the Editor: Executive Councilor David Wheeler should be applauded for questioning costs at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

Somehow the environment these days in Concord is one of capital spending with little interest into where this spending actually leads.

For years the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport has sucked up some pretty large federal and state grants for terminal expansion, parking garages, access road and runway improvements. This is all taxpayer money, and strangely this is never mentioned just like continuing statistics showing the declining usage of this airport and how it is more expensive to fly in and out of this airport instead of Boston.

Several years ago I asked then-Congressman Charlie Bass and Executive Councilor Ray Burton if they supported using federal and state grants to subsidize MHT against higher airline rates and better flight routes from Boston. Both supported the spending.

“I think the passenger rail service from Boston will open up some good options for this airport and Manchester,” Bass explained to me. Burton termed the airport a resource that anyone in New Hampshire could use similar to that of a local pumpkin patch. Guess I’m failing to understand how more spending at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and the shiny toy trains is going to do anything in New Hampshire except raise local taxes, increase rates and fees and send more lower priced and packed flights out of Boston.



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