Will delegation side with the Democrats or Granite State?

To the Editor: When the framers wrote the U.S. Constitution, they had a clear objective in mind: to provide individual states the authority over election operations, so that the political party holding control at the federal level would not infringe on the ability of states to host fair and honest elections.

This idea is now being undermined by D.C Democrat legislators, who plan to trade the individual freedoms of their constituents for an extended amount of federal oversight. The most publicized aspect of the legislation is how it would likely take away our first-in-the-nation primary, but even more alarming is what may come next. H.R.1 sets the stage for the federal government to take a fat red pen through every state’s standing laws, election or otherwise. This would put everything from gun laws to taxes on the table for D.C officials to design for their liking.

Every citizen should be outraged at such an attempt to belittle the vote of the American people and as a result muffle their voices.

New Hampshire residents expect their representatives to support the values of our Granite State, but already Reps. Chris Pappas and Annie Kuster have broken that trust by voting in favor of H.R.1. We must ensure that Senators Maggie Hassan and Jean Shaheen understand that this bill has no home in New Hampshire, and if they have any hope for retaining some of the voters who got them elected in the first place, they must oppose this bill.


New Boston

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