Nashua’s assessment

To the Editor: Regarding reporter Kimberly Houghton’s Nov. 29 article on citizen concern that has prompted an audit of Nashua’s assessing department, I write to commend Mrs. Laurie Ortolano who articulated her findings at that Board of Alderman meeting Nov. 27. A recording of the meeting is available on the Nashua Community TV16 web page on the site. As a neighbor of Mrs. Ortolano, I had been aware she believed there were systemic issues with the assessment department that pre-date the city’s recent state-required revaluation.

Mrs. Ortolano uncovered many concerns during her attempt to understand what she believed to be gross over-assessment of her family’s property in past years. Her findings now extend beyond her property. When seeking answers, as she stated , she has been ‘stonewalled’ and dismissed for wasting city employees’ time .

Mrs. Ortolano should be thanked . Watching the recording , I was left with the impression that the mayor’s reaction was an attempt to “blame the messenger.”

I voted for Mayor Donchess. I was disappointed to hear that when it comes to property taxes, he didn’t care about the people and that he is fine when mistakes are made and others can pay less tax. Isn’t this an odd remark from the official responsible for fair governance for ALL citizens of Nashua?


Berkeley Street, Nashua

Michael O'Connor

Berkeley St. Nashua