Pro-life dogma

To the Editor: The premise of Linda Poirier’s 11/28/2018 letter, “Paint them black”, suggests that it is political in nature; however, it turns out to be a standard pro-life script.

It’s all about the termination of a pregnancy — what Ms. Poirier calls, “an innocent unborn human being.”

Implicit in her statement is that a human being, complete with a soul, is created at the instant of conception. That’s basic pro-life dogma.

I disagree for the following reason: Up to a week “after” conception a “zygote” (i.e. Ms. Poirier’s innocent unborn human being) can and often does split, creating two separate embryos, which continue to develop into two separate fetuses and ultimately result in the births of twin, innocent human beings.

My question to Ms. Poirier and the other pro-lifers is: If a soul is created at conception, what happens if, up to a week later, a zygote randomly, for no known reason, decides to split into two embryos?

Do each of the embryos get half of that soul, or does one get the soul and the other gets nothing? Obviously, a ridiculous situation.

Incidentally, if anybody is interested, I believe that an innocent human being, complete with a soul, is created at the instant that a fetus is separated from its placenta and takes its first breaths of air.



Irving W. Glater