To the Editor: It’s no secret that New Hampshire is facing workforce shortages in several areas, as well as ever-increasing post-secondary education costs. One of Gov. Chris Sununu’s recent initiatives takes aim at both of those issues: the Governor’s Scholarship Fund. The fund provides recently graduated high school students with money towards tuition and expenses at any eligible post-secondary institution in the state.

The scholarship strives to encourage New Hampshire students who might not otherwise attend college, to stay and go to school here. It also encourages students to remain in New Hampshire to work once they have completed their education. Over the long term, it helps address the workforce shortage we are facing due to demographics and young people leaving for school or employment opportunities elsewhere.

Students can use the money towards public or private institutions, and for 4-year, 2-year, or certificate programs. This provides a great amount of flexibility and choice, rather than railroading students into particular programs or schools.

The fund also helps students reduce the cost of their education for the duration of their post-secondary schooling. For example, those taking one-year programs will get one payment, and those taking four-year programs will get one payment in each of the four years.

The Gov. Sununu Scholarship Fund takes the long view in addressing problems here in the Granite State, and invests directly into our much-needed future workforce.

Conrad O’Leary