Letter: Taking gamble on blue NH

To the Editor: For the next two years the hard granite of New Hampshire will be blue. There are many questions about where the the legislative process will lead. One thing is a definite: things need to get done.

There are many things, whether family leave or state funding and even the need for better roads and schools the issues are all now in Concord. I often look at nearby New England states and compare to what is and isn’t happening in the Granite State.

One example is the Massachusetts Department of Gaming Control, which recently outlined some decisive numbers about expanded casino gaming in that state.

In September the new MGM casino in Springfield hauled in $190 million. It’s not unreasonable to believe that 17% came from New Hampshire.

So now I’m looking at the list of proposed legislation in Concord. There isn’t one piece of realistic casino legislation like Massachusetts has.

There isn’t one piece of legislation that does anything for the North Country.

These are interesting times for sure. New Hampshire definitely is the color of blue.



Steven Connolly