Thankful to many

To the Editor: Al Posnanski is my father and it has been nearly one week since the fire consumed Posnanski’s Woodworking Shop in Canaan.

While this event was tragic and personally catastrophic, it has also been a unique opportunity to view the impact that my father has had on so many people.

The outpouring of love and support shown to him and his wife Barbara has been extraordinary.

Offers of assistance, fundraising, and donations from friends, family and the community have been steady.

A GoFundMe page has been set up with a goal of $15,000. It is currently a bit over $2,000 and growing with confidence that we will reach our goals.

Cleanup has been completed and plans are being made to rebuild.

We even have a lead on an ’89 Chevy Suburban to replace the one that he lost.

So many positive outcomes to what was originally seen as an insurmountable situation.

I would like to publicly thank everyone who responded on that fateful night as well as thank the countless folks that have shown their support since then.

It is appreciated beyond words and I look forward to the coming days when we can once again see him doing what he loves and teaching 4-H youth the art of woodworking and stained glass.



Alana Bean