Letters: Van Ostern is the best choice

To the Editor: Lordy, anyone who thinks that Mr. Gardner should be reelected because he has served 42 years, or that Mr. Van Ostern has applied for this position because he envisions an electoral system modeled on Florida has not yet reviewed nor considered the vision and the credentials both candidates have put forward.

And anyone who deems to fear-monger that selecting Mr. Van Ostern over Mr. Gardner would threaten our first-in-the-nation primary tradition ought to retire to Florida. Mr. Gardner got us here, and Mr. Van Ostern will take us forward with a modern and secure electoral system for our state. Van Ostern has been open and informative about what work can be done to transform the election experience and secure New Hampshire elections.

So do not be afraid, his sights are on a first-in-class model.

Capable and trustworthy, Mr. Van Ostern is an outstanding choice on Dec. 5.



Andrea Hodson