To the Editor: I urge Epping residents to vote for Michael Vose for state representative on Nov. 6. In the two years I have worked with him in the House, he has fought diligently to protect electricity ratepayers from facing higher costs. That battle is ongoing and our state badly needs ratepayer champions like Rep. Michael Vose.

This past year, Vose filed energy bills designed to make our electricity markets more transparent and accountable. Gov. Chris Sununu traveled to Epping twice to sign these bills into law. These new laws will be tools in the ongoing effort to provide relief to energy ratepayers.

The Speaker of the House recognized after the 2016 election that Vose could make a difference among his peers and appointed him to the position of Assistant Majority Leader. During the past two-year session, Vose helped the House leadership team work to pass important legislation to benefit our economy while taking care of citizens in need.

Conservative principles, a wealth of experience working in organizations large and small, and a willingness to roll up his sleeves and work hard make Michael Vose the right choice for state representative for Epping voters on Nov. 6.



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