Why do atheists care?

To the Editor: I believe there is a “War On Christmas” and it was started by the atheists. For many years, atheists have complained, brought on lawsuits, put up billboards, etc. against the true definition of Christmas. The atheists don’t believe in Jesus Christ nor His birth, and yet they are offended by public displays of both of them?

This is a suspension of reason and logic. There is 13 percent of the U.S. population self-identified as atheist, and more than 75 percent as Christian. Yet retailers, radio stations and those who write the ads and catalogs for Christmas, have all submitted to the atheist demands by selling 98% secular “Christmas” items.

The malls always have a Santa Claus, but have you ever seen a Nativity? Radios play maybe two out of 10 songs about Jesus’s birth, and call the others Christmas music. Christmas ads and catalogs rarely feature a Nativity Scene. I know of only one being who would dare to create a False Christ like Santa Claus in a subtle attempt to erase from our minds the birth of Jesus, seeking worship for himself instead, through our worship of Santa Claus over Jesus. Is he successful? You be the judge.



Len Hanley