TWO WEEKS AGO, the pro-life movement gained another needed victory.

On Wednesday, September 15th, the Executive Council voted 4-1 to remove state family planning funding from Planned Parenthood, the Equality Health Center (EHC), and the Lovering Center (LC). Planned Parenthood has five locations across New Hampshire, and two of them provide abortions along with EHC in Concord and LC in Greenland.

Predictably, professionals in the political and medical field cried doom and gloom regarding the future of women’s health. Cinde Warmington, the lone Democratic Executive Councilor who voted in favor of the “reproductive health” clinics, expressed disappointment because they serve low-income families. Governor Chris Sununu also shared his dismay over the vote, mentioning that he expected the council to provide funding to them, and vowed to support these facilities.

There are two problems with their comments relating to the vote:

First, Governor Sununu’s dismay over the bill clearly contradicts his actions in late July. Sununu voted into law that family planning clinics must demonstrate that state funds are not used to perform an abortion, and the logic makes sense. Having an abortion places women at increased risk of severe physical health problems. Specifically, the procedure can cause damage to the cervix and uterus, heavy bleeding, infections, miscarriages, infertility, and death in rare cases. It does not sound like an optimal service for planning a family, in my opinion.

Second, individuals who say that only seven abortion-related facilities are the sole vendors of birth control, cancer screenings, pap smears, and other medical services, need to remember that Google exists. I spent the last few months researching other New Hampshire clinics that possess family planning services, and here are my findings:

Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers (FQHCs) provide a plethora of medical services for low-income families. I found over 50 FQHCs in the state and a large portion of them provide check-ups, STI testing, breast exams, pap smears, and pregnancy tests.

Out of 16 separate pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) in our state, most of them have free pregnancy tests. Other services vary by clinic, but they offer free or inexpensive ultrasounds, parenting/relationship classes, material assistance with diapers and clothes, pre/postnatal education, community resource referrals, adoption referrals, abortion pill reversal information, and much more. One pregnancy resource center — Aspire Pregnancy Center in Laconia — actually has STD testing and treatment for a fee.

I found 62 stand-alone clinics that provide STD testing and treatment, and they include Clear Choice MD, Convenient MD, Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, and CVS clinics. Clients can also order medical grade test kits from Let’s Get Tested, and have it shipped for free to their door.

If we compare the 128+ health clinics above and the seven defunded “reproductive health” facilities, there is certainly no lack of support for women if Planned Parenthood, EHC, and LC shut down. And that list does not even include hospitals, adoption organizations, WIC clinics, and residential homes that have numerous resources for pregnant and parenting mothers! Clearly, the hype around the necessity of those three vendors is nothing more than deceiving propaganda.

New Hampshire and our citizens must open their eyes, and look around to see what we already have for women’s healthcare. Abortion advocates always give PRCs a bad rep; they call them “fake clinics” because they don’t provide or refer that physically damaging procedure, but PRC’s still give care to women in need through different ways.

While those three abortion facilities may deliver a large portion of family planning services in New Hampshire, women and their preborn children would do just fine if they are not around. Let’s hope that reality comes soon.

Althea Ansah is a WIC nutritionist who lives in Hooksett.

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