POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and multiculturalism have made America soft and made its citizens challenge and abandon the fundamentals of our democracy and nationalism. Instead of focusing on the uniting of our people and treating them as a group to be the pillar of America’s foundation, we dwell on, glorify, and embrace individual differences, such as gender, race, ethnicity, wealth, political views, and more, at the expense of a unified nation.

Individualism, not patriotism and the well-being of others, is the dominating force that is steering our country today toward its demise. As a nation, we are dying because we do not project a unified front to the world community and even to ourselves.

It is as though there is an active campaign to destroy America from within quietly, peacefully, and even legally by adverse elements with divisive agendas. Our own laws are being twisted and used as weapons against us to subvert our citizens into following various issues du jour and to lose confidence in our nation and for what it stands.

There is no appreciation or respect for the opinions of others. Instead, we cancel them. There is no compromise. Anarchy is starting and in some parts of the country it already exists. Local governments are bending to extremists and allowing people to riot under the guise of legitimate protests destroying property and businesses, stealing, and injuring others with impunity.

The focus is to destabilize America and degrade the tenets of our Constitution, which until now has stood the test of time for more than two centuries. Careless and liberal interpretations of its articles and amendments to satisfy individual group agendas over the needs of our united peoples risk reducing this treasured document to a mere guide rather than a unifying framework for the continued growth and prosperity of our nation.

Because of our lack of resolve to preserve and enforce our laws and individual ownership of our American democracy, we have allowed the minority opinion groups with their divisive agendas to dictate the actions of the majority and attempt to change the direction and focus of our nation. Icons of our history are being removed or destroyed, creating a void in our national history that allows obtuse agendas to destroy the unified nature of our country and, in turn, its greatness and world leadership.

We have allowed “presentism” (the interpretation of past events and people in terms of modern values and concepts) to distort the true value of our past experiences in the evolution of our society. Eventually, we will have no ancestry. All will be cancelled.

How can we continue to improve as a country if the examples of our past successes and failures have been removed and we continuously have to relearn the same lessons? Where would our country be without Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and other great minds and leaders that laid the foundation for our great society throughout our history. Imagine our country without their influence. What would we be?

We the people have to step back and recognize what is happening to our great country and challenge all these divisive actions if we want to preserve our country and the way of life we have striven to maintain since our independence as a free, democratic republic.

Art Faint lives in Milford.

Thursday, December 02, 2021

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