THERE THEY GO AGAIN! Some Union Leader columnists with their Trump-hating rhetoric are still trying to sabotage ethical journalism with their twisted disinformation about President Donald Trump and Republicans in general. One columnist going as far as to infer that Republicans have “poor judgment” in whom they support.

Let’s face it, Democrats and Republicans are, and will forever be, irreconcilable. It’s all in the principles of our beliefs.

I once asked a lady I worked with why she was a Democrat. She replied, “What do you mean?” I asked her what are the principles of the Democratic Party that she believes in, such as social equality, abortion rights, etc. This lovely, non-political lady still did not understand my question. Nor did she know anything about the platform of the Democrat Party. She said she voted for Democrats because that’s what her parents did.

Not every voter is politically savvy and I’m not suggesting that they should be. There is no good or bad in what we think. But there is good and bad in what we read or hear. Sometimes we cannot let things go unchallenged.

I get that most Democrats and yes, even a very few disgruntled centrist ‘Republicans’ hate President Trump. When you ask them why, they say only that “he lies.” But saying it over and over again doesn’t make it the truth. When partisan, opinionated commentators on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS et al spew their venom at the President they are sublimely triggering the emotional neurons of their viewers who eagerly suck it in like good liberals. The more they hear what a liar Trump is, the more they believe it. In the interest of full disclosure, this writer does NOT get her news from FOX News Network. FOX may be outnumbered a dozen (liberal) to one (conservative), but a few of their current commentators’ opinions show liberal flaws and I see through their misinformation.

Most Republicans disliked President Obama’s policies. But you never saw hatred in their eyes for him. Obama was the most corrupt president in the history of this country. He was a slick-talking politician (well-groomed by his handlers) and he was full of rhetoric about unifying the country. Etc. Etc.

Instead, he killed manufacturing jobs and forced U.S. companies overseas. He forced big government inefficiency into the American health care system (think ACA). He gutted the U.S. military. He bailed out GM at the cost of $12 billion. He failed to manage government spending and he doubled the U.S. debt. It’s all public record. It was his policies that Republicans didn’t like, although his narcissistic slick-talking political persona was painfully displayed daily.

Unfortunately, Democrat pundits have taken a lower personal path. They don’t care about President Trump’s policies. They have resorted to name-calling (“stupid” and “Hitler” and their unsubstantiated purely opinionated favorite, “liar”). They ignore the positives because it doesn’t help their attack on Trump. They don’t want to hear that the economy is the best it has ever been in this country because of the President’s policies. They don’t want to hear that he is bringing back manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. They don’t want to hear that he introduced a tax reform plan that gave Americans a tax refund.

They certainly don’t want to hear that he shut down travel from China at the start of the Covid crisis while Joe Biden screamed xenophobia and racist. He got hospital ships readied in one week to help stricken cities. He got temporary hospitals built in three days. He got certain manufacturing industries to restructure to build ventilators. He secured the borders. He had a whole committee of scientists advising him daily. Drs. Fauci and Birx are only TWO of them. Fauci and Birx were not the final word. But by all means, let’s believe the lies and misinformation from the Democrat pundits telling us that President Trump was slow to react. That is pure garbage and they know it.

President Trump has always been my number one choice. Unlike Democrat voters who now have to choose from two unpopular candidates; one of which dropped out with less than 1% (Harris), and another candidate who was near defeat and written off as a long shot for president (Biden). Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Di Lothrop lives in Nashua.

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