GOVERNOR CHRIS SUNUNU recently announced that his administration plans to eliminate licensing requirements for more than 30 professions, including landscape architects. Despite the governor’s remark during his 2023 budget address, don’t be fooled to think landscape architects plant rose bushes. Eliminating licensure for landscape architects is a drastic step that endangers public safety.

How, you might ask? Let’s pause for a moment to clarify what landscape architects do.

Jennifer Martel is president of the New Hampshire chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects. She lives in Exeter.

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AS AN employer in New Hampshire, we find ourselves in challenging times. One of the major challenges facing businesses today is workforce availability. Vacant positions throughout the Granite State not only impact the individual business but also have a significant ripple effect on our state…

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I WAS recently very surprised to find an editorial by Carl Perreault published in “The Berlin Reporter” on May 31, 1995. Perreault was spotted by the Union Leader as a very talented writer and months later he left the then-daily North Country newspaper. He’s worked at the “Union Leader” for …

THAT THE 2020 presidential election was somehow stolen persists among a sizable minority of Granite Staters. I had at first thought it somewhat hilarious that politicos whom I had long believed incapable of organizing a carpool were held to be capable of a massive national deception but that…

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SINCE 2014, New Hampshire has charted its own path in providing expanded access to the Medicaid program for low-income families while protecting New Hampshire taxpayers. This Granite State approach has helped make health care affordable for thousands of people, lowered health insurance costs…