MY FATHER, John Lynch, first ran for governor of New Hampshire when I was 15 and was in office until I was 23. I have been exposed to politics for a significant part of my life and I’ve always enjoyed being involved in campaigns, but this election feels different. This year, I decided to take a more active role by volunteering with the Biden campaign and using my voice to encourage people to get involved and to vote. I don’t want to wake up the morning of November 4th and ask myself what else could I have done.

As a survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence, I have never felt more isolated, guilty and helpless than I did going through those awful experiences. With more than 1 in 3 women subjected to physical violence, rape or stalking by a partner at some point in their lives, I want a president who has empathy for survivors like me. Joe Biden has stood up for survivors his entire life and will continue to fight to end gender-based violence.

As someone who has had to navigate the health care system as a patient and works in the health care industry, I want a president who is going to make health care more accessible, more affordable, and focused on patients. I can’t imagine all of the parents out there working multiple jobs to support their family while taking care of their kids, taking care of their aging parents and having to navigate the health care system and pay for prescriptions without insurance. But that is a reality for many Granite Staters, and it’s not fair. Joe Biden has a plan to protect and expand upon the Affordable Care Act and ensure every American has health care coverage.

As a woman who is thinking of starting a family, I want to feel like I can bring a child into a safe world where everyone is respected by our president. And they deserve to live in a country where we are all actively fighting climate change and trying to make the world a better place. I know Joe Biden will fight for all these things and so much more.

Joe Biden is the right choice for New Hampshire. He and Kamala Harris will listen to Granite Staters and fight for each and every one of us. Together, they will build back better and set the country up to be better for our generation, our kids’ generation and our grandchildren’s generation.

These are the reasons why I am reaching out to people in my network, and beyond, to ask “what is your plan to vote?” and “how can I help you make a plan?” Voting has already started here in New Hampshire, and the earlier our friends and families make plans to vote the better. This year, any eligible voter can vote absentee in New Hampshire and voters can request, fill out, and return their ballot in a single trip to their clerk’s office. Voting is easy and convenient, but it’s on us to make sure all Granite Staters know their options.

On the days when I get nervous to reach out to a person I haven’t spoken to in years, I remind myself that this election is bigger than me. On my weakest days, I think of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and how much I want to fight to continue her legacy. I have used my voice to message people through text, Instagram, Facebook, email, calls and even show up to family brunches with applications for absentee ballots, complete with addressed envelopes and stamps. Democracy is not a spectator sport, and we all need to get involved to make America stronger.

My dad used to always say “We live in the greatest state, in the greatest country, in the world.” I believe that is true, but we have a lot of work to do to recover from the last four years. That’s why I’m proud to support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and will fight every day until November 3rd to get them elected.

Julia Williams lives in Hopkinton and works in the health care industry. Her father, John Lynch, was New Hampshire governor from 2005 to 2013.

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