I’M GOING to tell you something, something that I’ve never told anyone before. It has brought me no end of shame, and I’m afraid that I’ll lose the respect of my friends and coworkers by admitting it. The truth is… I’m from Massachusetts.

It’s true. I grew up in Haverhill, literally a stone’s throw from the Plaistow border. But, as liberty-loving conservatives, my family and I always dreamed of escaping across the border. I got my chance when I married a native Granite Stater.

Like every immigrant, I’m grateful to my new home. I love New Hampshire all the more because I know what it’s like to not live in New Hampshire. (Trust me, it isn’t great.)

When I came here, I made a promise to myself and my new neighbors. I promised that I would assimilate into the New Hampshire way of life. I would make “Life Free or Die” my own motto. And I know there are thousands of refugees from around the country, especially Massachusetts and New York, who have done the same.

Sadly, though, it’s not true of all newcomers.

Many folks move to New Hampshire, not because they want to bask in the warm glow of freedom, but because they want cheap housing and low taxes. That’s why every town south of Concord is becoming a suburb of Boston.

Commuters are moving here, not because they love the Granite State, but because they can’t afford the Bay State. And because they have no real love for New Hampshire, they see no problem in bringing their Massachusetts values with them. And they’re ruining New Hampshire, the way they have ruined Massachusetts.

For instance, you’ve probably been apprised of House Bill 1151. Here’s what it says:

“No person shall openly carry or display a loaded or unloaded pistol, revolver, firearm, or other deadly weapon whether licensed or unlicensed, while participating in, affiliated with, or present as a spectator at any parade, funeral procession, picket line, march, rally, vigil, or demonstration or other event organized or held for political, religious, or other First Amendment related purpose taking place upon any public property owned or under the control of the state or any of its political subdivisions.”

That little clause “or other event” ensures that, if the bill passes, the ban may be applied to any instance of open carry. It isn’t a gateway or a stepping-stone to a full open-carry ban. It is an open-carry ban, period. Full stop.

Five of the six Democrats advancing the bill are from counties that border Massachusetts. And it shows. They definitely have the Bay State of Mind.

HB 1151 is widely understood to be a response to the events that took place last year in Kenosha, Wis. Some of our friends on the Left believe that 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse provoked his attackers by appearing at their demonstration (or riot) with an AR-15.

Now, whatever you think of the Rittenhouse affair, it has nothing to do with New Hampshire. This simply isn’t a problem we have in this state. We’ve always permitted open carry. And we have the lowest homicide rate in the country! New Hampshire is the safest place in the United States thanks, in part, to our strong culture of self-defense.

But that’s not how the Bay State of Mind works. For a Massachusetts liberal, one incident of gun violence halfway across the country is enough to justify sweeping changes to gun laws over a thousand miles away.

Frankly, this is how all liberals think. They try to squeeze every state into a one-size-fits-all agenda based, not on facts, but on ideology. What’s good for Massachusetts (they say) must also be good for New Hampshire. There’s no respect for local traditions. Heck, there’s no respect for statistics. If the homicide rate in New Hampshire is lower than it is in Massachusetts, shouldn’t they be taking a page from our playbook?

The doyens of Woke Studies would call this neocolonialism. We’re colonizing the Granite State and turning it into another Massachusetts. The same scenario is playing out all over the country, too. Folks are fleeing failed, liberal “blue states.” They’re relocating to prosperous, conservative “red states.” And, maddeningly, they’re voting for the same Democratic policies that ruined their old blue states. It’s a big part of the reason why Texas is turning into another California.

That’s wrong. When we came to New Hampshire from Massachusetts, we knew that we would be expected to adopt the motto “Live Free or Die” as our own. Our duty as immigrants, as refugees, is to assimilate. It’s wrong for us to wreck the Granite State the way we wrecked the Bay State.

If you want to live in Massachusetts, go live in Massachusetts. But some of us like New Hampshire the way it is. Live free or go away.

Michael Warren Davis lives in Goffstown.

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