SHOULD WE CHOOSE the New Hampshire way or the Washington way? I describe the choice as 603 vs. D.C.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, New Hampshire has trusted our fellow Granite Staters to make responsible decisions. At the state level, we have expanded the ability of restaurants to use delivery and outdoor dining, given parents greater choices for education and daycare, and eased licensing restrictions to meet the need for more nurses and front line healthcare workers. Earlier this year, the Legislature passed the Medical Freedom in Immunizations Act, which prevents government vaccine mandates. Individuals and private businesses can make decisions for themselves. This is the New Hampshire Way.

The Biden administration has taken the opposite approach, imposing strict top-down restrictions and mandates with little to no evidence that such draconian measures will do anything to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The latest massive overreach is the administration’s announcement that it will mandate vaccinations for everyone working at a business with more than 100 employees. Anyone who chooses not to get the COVID-19 vaccine would be forced into weekly testing.

I have always opposed vaccine mandates even as I strongly encourage Granite Staters to get vaccinated. Vaccination greatly reduces both the chance of infection and the severity of illness in patients who develop breakthrough infections. But this is a decision that must be left to individuals, not one that should be compelled by Washington bureaucrats.

Estimates are that the mandate would apply to roughly 100 million American workers. We don’t know exactly how this mandate would work because President Joe Biden doesn’t even know how it would work. His announcement came before the rule has been written, so we don’t know who would be subject to the mandate, or how OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) would enforce it. Are we passing the costs of enforcing these mandates and testing on to our small businesses, which are struggling to overcome the economic stress of an 18-month pandemic?

The anger and confusion stemming from this overly-broad mandate are just the latest chaos coming from the Biden administration. The president’s conflicting messages have created a crisis at our southern border that the president is barely able to acknowledge, let alone solve.

Biden’s failure to follow military advice in the withdrawal from Afghanistan left our military tragically vulnerable to attack, abandoned allies who fought alongside us for years, and left our enemies emboldened and friends betrayed.

Trillions of dollars of wasteful spending have sparked inflation. Prices are high and rising, taking money out of the pockets of American families every time they go to the grocery store or gas station. The Washington way isn’t working.

Yet, Biden insists on empowering huge bureaucracies to address problems well outside of their expertise. OSHA was never meant to enforce vaccine requirements. The CDC was put in charge of an unconstitutional eviction moratorium. The Department of Education is launching civil rights investigations of states that do not force small children to wear masks all day. Biden has lost control and is grasping for power with every tool that he can find.

We must reject the Washington way and embrace the New Hampshire way. Let’s trust people to make the right decisions. Let’s encourage our friends to get vaccinated. Let’s get kids back to schools safely.

Washington needs to get out of the way and let New Hampshire show them how.

Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem) represents District 22.

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