JANUARY 20th marked the first anniversary of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s inauguration. In just one year, the Biden-Harris administration has delivered for Granite Staters and Americans everywhere.

President Biden and Vice President Harris inherited a broken economy in the midst of a global pandemic, thanks to the fecklessness of the previous administration. Unemployment rates were at record highs, small businesses were closing, and New Hampshire families suffered in the face of an unprecedented public health crisis.

Senate Democratic Leader Donna Soucy (D-Manchester) was a 2020 New Hampshire presidential elector for President Joe Biden.

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THE GOVERNOR’S proposed 10% cost of living adjustment to state employee wages is prudent, economically modest, and a necessary response to market signals on the state labor force. To suggest otherwise is to misread 40 years of state history and to deny the destructive effects of inflation th…

AT THE END of 2022, the New Hampshire Judicial Branch launched a diversity and inclusion initiative to ensure that everyone is provided with equal access to justice, and to eliminate unconscious cultural biases within the court system. The strategic plan is already underway and features a ha…

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OUR NATION spends billions of dollars each year pursuing ISIS and al-Qaeda while other terrorist groups kill at least 70,000 Americans a year by supplying Chinese fentanyl across our border from Mexico. In terms of a threat, the Americans killed here in one day by fentanyl overdoses far exce…