DURING THE legislative session last year, I introduced and worked to pass right-to-work legislation. I believe each worker deserves a choice of whether to join a union and should not be forced to pay union dues. I have paid union dues for 60 years and in retirement I still pay hundreds as a retired member, not thousands like during working years. And while the right-to-work law didn’t pass in New Hampshire, and while I disagree with the outcome, I believe our robust debate belongs at the appropriate level of government — the state level.

The New Hampshire way enables us a limited government under local control. But if Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan have their way, they would strip us of our power in the Granite State and give the federal government and union bosses even more control. This measure of overreach is called the “PRO Act” and it would nullify every right-to-work law in the country. And to further compel people into unions, the PRO Act would do away with secret ballots and force employers to give personal private information to unions, even opening them up to harassment. Even those Granite Staters who choose to work part time as independent contractors would be threatened by this and deemed full employees under the PRO Act.

Thank goodness not every Washington Democrat thinks the federal government needs to dictate every last detail and take all powers away from state and local government. Right now, even though both our senators are cosponsors, the PRO Act does not have the votes needed to pass. So, those intent on federal control are trying to put every provision of the PRO act they can into their Build Back Better Act or any other possible piece of legislation that they can muster 50 votes for in the Senate.

The Pro Act means giving big labor even more power to fine small businesses big bucks for minor infractions. This is not the New Hampshire way. This is no way to run a democracy where if you cannot find the votes you try underhanded ways to impose your will on others. And this is no way to run a business, with the federal government forcing people into unions and other job-killing, anti-business provisions and regulations.

Both our senators served terms as governor and neither one of them abdicated their power at the time to the federal government. Back then they touted the New Hampshire way. We do not need more D.C. here, we need better New Hampshire representation in D.C. Don’t take my word for it, a recent poll of Granite Staters showed overwhelmingly that people think the federal government should not be helping unions more, but should be helping small businesses instead of making it more difficult for them to operate.

In New Hampshire, we do not need the PRO Act, or any more business and labor fines. We have amazing small family-owned businesses in technology, manufacturing and hospitality, which have been struggling through years of pandemic and federal mandates. Now, more than ever, we need pro-business senators who are there to help Granite State businesses, workers and families, and who understand local control.

John Reagan (R-Deerfield) represents District 17 in the New Hampshire State Senate.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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