POWER HAS many forms. But perhaps the most personal form of power is knowledge. Knowledge about available choices, knowledge about where to find accurate information, knowledge about reliable places to go — these are all needed now to make decisions critical to the health and well-being of yourself, your family and those you care about.

AARP New Hampshire has long been a trusted source of reliable information and now, more than ever, we are continuing that tradition to ensure we use our voice to share good information to help Granite Staters move through (and beyond) this pandemic as we have done since it first hit New Hampshire in early 2020.

One of the best places to get information about the available vaccines is New Hampshire’s official website: www.vaccines.nh.gov. It has excellent information about the vaccines themselves. You can also simply make a call, just dial 2-1-1. That number is available 24/7, and COVID-19 specific operators are available every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you want facts (as we all should), these are great places to begin.

We all just want to know the facts about available vaccinations, such as is it free and where and when can I get it? It is your choice to be vaccinated for coronavirus. You can depend upon AARP for the reliable information you need about vaccine safety, availability and effectiveness so that you can decide for yourself what’s best for you and your family. We have nationwide vaccination information available at www.aarp.org/vaccine and local information available at www.aarp.org/nhvaccine.

AARP can help you stay informed about all aspects of the coronavirus vaccine. Our dedicated team of reporters updates our website (www.aarp.org/coronavirus) in real-time. They have been among the first to report when the vaccine will be available for you and where to get it. AARP New Hampshire staff and volunteers have also hosted tele-town halls for our members that have featured guests such as Governor Chris Sununu, New Hampshire Health and Human Services Commissioner Lori Shibinette and our state epidemiologist, Dr. Benjamin Chan, who were most knowledgeable about the pandemic and the vaccines as they relate to all Granite Staters.

Additionally, we have shared valuable information with New Hampshire residents via email, direct mail, social media, personal contact and blogs. We have always believed in the power of good information and communication, and we have continually demonstrated that belief from the pandemic’s earliest days to the present day.

But we didn’t stop there.

AARP fought to ensure that the coronavirus vaccine would be free for all Americans. We urged state and local governments to be transparent about their vaccine distribution plans and to keep the public well informed and they have listened. We believe Americans deserve to be fully informed about the vaccine — and that it should be available for free to anyone who wants it.

Americans 50+ face higher risks from the coronavirus. As the vaccine rollout continues, AARP will continue fighting to ensure that the vaccine remains free and accessible regardless of age, income, race, and ethnicity.

Knowledge is power. With vaccines now widely available in New Hampshire to nearly anyone who wants one, it’s only a question of knowledge and choice.

Believing that knowledge is power, we here at AARP New Hampshire are committed to sharing good information so that you can decide how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy.

Todd Fahey is the state director of AARP New Hampshire. He lives in Bow.

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