I’M NOT A FAN of the Affordable Care Act, nor am I a fan of Medicare for All or any single-payer health insurance plan. The United States is a large and diverse country that I believe is best served by free markets offering choices. Individuals and states demand flexibility.

For these reasons and others, Gov. Chris Sununu is not a fan of the Affordable Care Act either, yet he has joined a multi-state lawsuit defending it. It appears some have misunderstood why.

Perhaps we’ve become too reliant on a 24-hour news cycle filled with sound bites and bent on telling us not just the facts, but what we should think about the facts. So I ask you to look a little deeper.

When one first hears that, at the direction of our governor, New Hampshire has joined a suit defending the Affordable Care Act, it makes sense to wonder why. Thankfully, we can still read and I urge you all to read what the governor has said about this matter.

Despite advocating for a complete overhaul of the ACA — a system in desperate need of reform — Gov. Sununu knows that repealing it without a replacement in place is a fool’s errand, not good for New Hampshire and not good for our country.

We tried it once before during the President Trump’s first year and failed miserably. Without an acceptable alternative waiting in the wings, New Hampshire would lose hundreds of millions of dollars for our current health care system and more than 52,000 of our people would lose coverage immediately. Others would be forced to seek care from emergency rooms, causing uncompensated-care costs to skyrocket. Our increased costs would be paid from the state’s General Fund, stressing our state budget, which would have insufficient funds to cover expenses and lead to either massive cuts in state services or higher taxes.

The current ACA also is an integral part of our efforts to fight the opioid crisis. Without a replacement, our addiction recovery plan would end and patients would lose their access to treatment. Can we really afford any of that?

On the surface, the governor’s action shocked a few people, particularly some in his own party, but things are not always what they seem.

It has been said that the only person we can agree with all of the time is ourselves. I have never found a politician that I agree with all of the time, but I have found politicians that I trust. Chris Sununu is an honest, bright, caring governor, not working for Republicans or Democrats, but, as he says, “for the 603.” Look a little deeper this time and you might agree that he made the right decision for the Granite State.

Republican National Committeewoman Juliana Bergeron lives in Keene.

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