WHAT IMPACTS do levels of funding from the state have on our public schools and tax rates?

Here’s an example: public high school A has about 1,300 students, offers 12 AP courses, 26 sports teams, has a 95% graduation rate, 1115 mean SAT scores, $72,491 average teacher salary, and the residents have a $12.03 per thousand education property tax rate. Twenty miles down the road is public high school B, which has about 1,500 students. They are able to offer 4 AP courses, 21 sports teams, have a 70.9% graduation rate, 944 mean SAT score, and the average teacher salary is only $49,823, all while their residents pay a 40% higher education property tax rate.

Zack Sheehan is executive director of the NH School Funding Fairness Project. He lives in Concord.

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FOR MORE THAN 25 years I have worked with advocates across New Hampshire encouraging legislators to implement an adult Medicaid oral health benefits bill. Over the years, there have been a countless number of initiatives our foundation has supported to promote oral health access, but finally…

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I READ with great satisfaction that SB 272 failed to pass last Thursday. Please understand that not every youngster or teenager lives in a welcoming, loving, understanding home environment. Not every parent is attuned to the needs (both emotional and physical) of their children.

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