One of the top collections of vintage Porsche cars in the world was severely damaged by a deadly gas-pipeline explosion in North Carolina, according to local news reports.

The Ingram Collection, which Bloomberg Businessweek featured in a July story, was connected to the building that exploded Wednesday in Durham, Spectrum News North Carolina reported.

The Ingram Collection, which has been praised as one of the largest collections of vintage Porsches in the world, was being stored in a warehouse connected to the building that exploded in Durham. Aerial footage showed the collection sustained severe damage.

WDTV, an ABC affiliate in the area, said it reached owner Bob Ingram, who declined to comment.

The station aired extensive overhead footage on its website that showed Porsches damaged by the blast.

One person died and more than 25 were injured in the explosion that took place near the Duke University campus.

Porsche profiled Ingram Collection for its company newsroom site in July 2015, calling what was then an 80-vehicle lineup of its cars “a breathtaking review of automotive design history.”