Dennis A. Chaput to Joseph R. Kaczmarski, Dodge Rd., 4/16/2021, $40,000.

Robert N Cann Jr T and Robert N. Cann to Andrea and Sara Giordani, 60 Kettle Rock Rd., 4/16/2021, $550,000.

Jean M. Darbouze to MDR Rehab and Dev LLC, 17-19 Townhouse Rd., 4/14/2021, $250,000.


Marc and Jennifer Marois to Philip J. and Lynn I. Guida, 200 Rockingham Rd., 4/15/2021, $430,000.


Andrew F. and Stacey L. Girard to William R. and Tomasine A. Hall, 3 Davies St., 4/13/2021, $361,000.

Mary and Matthew H. Viens to Liane J. Harrington and John-Paul Palace, 22 Whittemore St., 4/13/2021, $585,000.

Leland M. Pavoll and Cindy B. Zibel to Paige and Peter Najem, 4/12/2021, $501,000.

Joseph J. and Jennifer C. Judkins to Drmitrii Gaushina and Olga Gagushina, 4/16/2021, $910,000.

Thomas Dailey LLC to Gepa Enterprises LLC, 4/16/2021, $480,000.


Carl and Barbara Harris to Mary Matney, 169 Horizon Ln., 4/14/2021, $485,000.

Bungalow Prop 4 LLC to Stacey L. and Andrew F. Girard, 107 Kayla Dr., 4/13/2021, $485,000.


Morin LT and Dawna G. Morin to Cody M. and Christopher Morin, 268 Raymond Rd., 4/12/2021, $300,000.


Brandon M. Swanton and Madison L. Theodore to Edward L. and Amanda J. Torsvik, 6 North Rd., Unit B, 4/16/2021, $270,000.

Angelle Burnham to Alyx Catanuso and Tyler Cote, 15 Raymond Rd., 4/15/2021, $342,533.


Orvel Cooke and Gladys Gomez to Kayla E. Levine and Robert E. Clafin, Carroll Cir., 4/16/2021, $420,000.

Sally M. Pearson to David and Anthony D. Incerto, 413 Chases Grove Rd., 4/16/2021, $105,000.

NTC RE Development LLC to Mark J. Brine, 9 Circle Dr., 4/16/2021, $519,133.

David M. Esposito to Syam P. Kethi-Reddy, 90 E Broadway., Unit 25, 4/14/2021, $135,800.

Francis Thogo to Pedred LLC, 92 E Broadway., Unit 25, 4/13/2021, $131,000.

John Carvalho to Abigail M. and Corinne E. Alper, 25 English Range Rd., Unit L, 4/15/2021, $255,000.

Evan and Lucretia Williams to Cody Shaw and Scout Pierce, 37 English Range Rd., 4/16/2021, $440,000.

Michael and Sara G. Adam to Colleen M. Regan and Leonard V. Don-Diego, 70 Hampstead Rd., 4/15/2021, $727,000.

Judith A Loeffler RET and Judith A. Loeffler to Ian and Tanya Obrien, 2 Hood Rd., 4/16/2021, $336,000.

Michael D. and Joanne M. Grip to John J. Busse and K Joanne Anderson-Busse, 21 Magnolia Ln., 4/14/2021, $455,000.

Lifestyle Hm Of Derry NH to David R. and Donna R. Delaney, 20 Myles Dr., Unit 20, 4/13/2021, $493,133.

Marco Bonenfant Const LLC to Stephanie M. Bartlett and Thomas R. Gargiulo, 58 N Shore Rd., 4/15/2021, $400,000.

Michele K. and Philip A. Corder to Craig P. and Anna M. Lanciani, 20 Pelican Cir., Unit R, 4/12/2021, $317,000.

Michael L. and Irene M. Pepin to Chelsey and Nathan Pizarro, 52 Scenic Dr., Unit L, 4/12/2021, $210,000.

Zachary M. Blazich to David T. Larocque, 2 Silvestri Cir., Unit 18, 4/12/2021, $162,000.

P Floyd RET and Priscilla Floyd to Leslie D. Mckenzie, 2 Topaz Cir., Unit L, 4/16/2021, $275,000.

Timothy D. and Melanie Kittery to John A. and Kaitlyn Lightbody, 5 Towne Dr., 4/15/2021, $440,000.


Cindy Gagnes FT and Jack C. Gagnes to Margaret and Andrew Smith, E Dunbarton Rd., 4/16/2021, $565,000.

Doreen T. Andreotti to Patrick Ruane, High St., 4/14/2021, $325,000.

Esteban C. Lopez to Christian M. Gregoire, 4/12/2021, $213,733.

Hebert FT and Paul E. Hebert to Eric A. and Anastasia M. Forcier, Lot 33, 4/15/2021, $480,000.


Barrett FT and Lane Fernandes to Kelley A. Seavey, 8 Auburn Rd., 4/14/2021, $264,000.

Kimberly and Zachary Ackles to Leonardo S. Hernandez and Brenda I. Vega, 51 Dale Rd., Unit B, 4/12/2021, $251,000.

Jeannie and Thomas Landry to Benjamin R. and Bethany A. Walker, 82 Mammoth Rd., 4/15/2021, $351,000.

Berry Hill Estates LLC to Renee M. Shaffer and Lisa M. Spiers, 54 Mulberry Ln., Unit 54, 4/12/2021, $424,933.

Stinson Hills LLC to Gonyea FT and Christopher R. Gonyea, 17 Sophie Cir., 4/16/2021, $532,200.


Stabile Hm At Londonderry to Anthony J. and Karolina Ferraro, 12 Catesby Ln., 4/16/2021, $718,000.

Frederickson FT and John Fredrikson to Michael and Anna Brooks, 24 Gordon Dr., 4/16/2021, $400,000.

Katherine Cherico and Christopher Goldsack to Margorite Trickett, 92 Hall Rd., 4/12/2021, $386,000.

Matthew D. and Jennifer A. Smith to Carla and Carmine Forlizzi, 7 Longwood Ave., 4/14/2021, $405,000.

Thomas H. Sylvia and James Butierez to Orion L. Brownley, 12 Vista Ridge Dr., Unit 26, 4/12/2021, $225,000.

Stephen J. and Amanda K. Ciofolo to Scott C. and Barbara A. Billings, 22 West Rd., 4/14/2021, $510,000.


Daniel A. and Heather M. Santiago to Timothy J. and Stacy M. Meisel, 314 Aaron Dr., 4/16/2021, $388,000.

Carl E. Vailancourt to Haley E. Coy, Bell St., 4/12/2021, $420,000.

Degiuex FT and Michael A. Degiuex to Owls Nest 5 LLC, Blaine St., 4/13/2021, $384,000.

William C. and Samantha A. Carroll to Timothy M. Fournier, Brent St., Lot 22, 4/13/2021, $410,000.

Katelyn F. Cormier and Jesse M. Cornier to Katelynn K. Flight and Matthew J. Rizzo, 590 Brown Ave., 4/16/2021, $278,000.

Andrew and Victoria Charuk to Denis C. Brunelle, Brunelle Ave., 4/15/2021, $345,133.

Maichael D. and Bethany L. Girling to Anna L. Fox-Golini, 525 Calef Rd., Unit 4, 4/12/2021, $115,000.

Maichael D. and Bethany L. Girling to Anna L. Fox-Golini, 535 Calef Rd., Unit 4, 4/12/2021, $115,000.

Maichael D. and Bethany L. Girling to Anna L. Fox-Golini, 545 Calef Rd., Unit 4, 4/12/2021, $115,000.

Maichael D. and Bethany L. Girling to Anna L. Fox-Golini, 555 Calef Rd., Unit 4, 4/12/2021, $115,000.

Blanchard Charlotte A Est and Mark Blanchard to MDR Rehab and Dev LLC, Circle Rd., Lot 2, 4/14/2021, $200,000.

Lawrence W. and Jessica A. Cashdollar to Kevin D. and Maria L. Kelley, Corning Rd., 4/12/2021, $435,000.

Schineider Kerche to Eric Mercer, 10 Cranberry Way, Unit 10, 4/12/2021, $305,000.

FLR Properties LLC to Rivard Pizza LLC, 250 Dubuque St., 4/14/2021, $425,000.

Kelly A. Flynn to Arber Isufaj, 106 Eastern Ave., Unit 301, 4/14/2021, $160,000.

Jeannine A Bernier RET and Michele A. Bernier to Mary E Bligh RET and Mary E. Bligh, 361 Elgin Ave., 4/16/2021, $209,133.

Christopher Crosby to Keller F. Munley, 110 English Village Rd., Unit 304, 4/15/2021, $140,000.

Adam Desrochers and Lucille G. Poulin to Griselda A. Veras, 43 Fremont St., 4/14/2021, $275,000.

Eucaris M. Ramirez to Steven and Chelsea Frick, 100 Gilford St., 4/12/2021, $351,000.

SPP Citizens Nlref LLC to New Heritage Builders Inc, 835 Hanover St., Unit 101, 4/16/2021, $1,795,000.

Donald R Rousseau RT and Eric T. Sylvain to Iiya and Svetlana Voskov, Kenney St., 4/13/2021, $375,000.

Donald R Rousseau RT and Eric T. Sylvain to Iiya and Svetlana Voskov, Lake Ave., 4/13/2021, $375,000.

StGeorge FT and Stacy StGeorge to Brian J. and Alyssa M. Belley, 16 Lavallee Ln., 4/12/2021, $620,000.

Guersonde Denis and Darline Bazile to J and C Estates LLC, 274 Main St., 4/13/2021, $383,133.

Stephen C. and Christine M. Duffley to Richard A. Kiernan, 335 Manchester St., 4/12/2021, $375,000.

Curtis Lindh and Deborah Belanger to Steven M. Lindh, Maxwell St., 4/12/2021, $140,000.

Shaun Hull to Jason and Christeen D. Thomopoulos, Montgomery St., 4/15/2021, $370,000.

James J. and Elaine M. Alessandro to Khali Mafhoum, N Bend Dr., 4/14/2021, $480,000.

Andrew Reeves and Abby Receves to Garrett B. and Nicole G. Gregory, Orange St., 4/14/2021, $375,000.

David G. Parenteau to Mcdowell Realty LLC, 911 Page St., 4/16/2021, $225,000.

Appleton Mark B Est and Theresa Appleton to John P. and Nancy L. Remy, Park View Hls., 4/16/2021, $155,000.

DCSW 1 LLC to Clay Cliffs Prop LLC, 152 Pearl St., 4/12/2021, $205,000.

Carl E. Vailancourt to Haley E. Coy, Pine St., 4/12/2021, $420,000.

Biscornet Bruce A Est and Citizens Bank NA to Kenneth J. and Karen A. Mercier, Sibley Ter., 4/16/2021, $50,000.

DCSW 1 LLC to Clay Cliffs Prop LLC, 630 Union St., 4/12/2021, $205,000.

DCSW 1 LLC to Clay Cliffs Prop LLC, 638 Union St., 4/12/2021, $205,000.

Mclntyre Holdings LLC to Brian A. Lambert, 137 W Merrimack St., Unit 3, 4/14/2021, $134,000.

Potvin FT and Robert R. Potvin to Michael A. Remillard, 236 Walnut St., 4/15/2021, $455,000.

Blanchard Charlotte A Est and Mark Blanchard to MDR Rehab and Dev LLC, Weston Rd., Lot 2, 4/14/2021, $200,000.

39 Bremer Street LLC to Peter Foskitt, 4/12/2021, $444,933.

4V Hldg LLC to Forest Woodedge Hldg LLC, 4/13/2021, $126,533.


Russell T Goldman RET and Russell T. Goldman to Linda M. Collins, Canterbury Dr., 4/14/2021, $109,000.

Tinglof Richard M Est and Joanne Plante to SRB Investment LLC, Cathy St., Lot 97, 4/15/2021, $120,000.

Tinglof Richard M Est and Joanne Plante to SRB Investment LLC, Cathy St., Lot 93, 4/15/2021, $120,000.

Jared M. Beausoleil to Cody and Sarah Arnold, Center St., 4/15/2021, $200,000.

Michael J. Palmer to David Johnson, 5 Church St., 4/15/2021, $399,933.

Edward J. and Terri L. Sirois to Matthew T. Oppenlacnder and Jenna Oppenlaender, 14 Clinton Ct., Unit 14, 4/16/2021, $212,000.

Jared M. Beausoleil to Cody and Sarah Arnold, 61 Clinton Ct., 4/15/2021, $200,000.

EJR Homes Inc to Oda Shackelford and Tori Alcorn, 51 Country Club Ln., 4/16/2021, $430,000.

Richard and Kyle Lapham to Rebecca L. Wurst, 12 Cramer Hill Rd., 4/13/2021, $360,000.

Jared M. Beausoleil to Cody and Sarah Arnold, Front St., 4/15/2021, $200,000.

David M. and Meagan Berry to Brett Gerlach, 5 Gull Ln., 4/12/2021, $235,000.

Bernasconi FT and Priscilla Bernasconi to Trevor A. and Melanie S. Bauer, 117 Indian Rock Rd., Unit 117, 4/12/2021, $260,000.

Spaulding Enterprises LLC to Nicholas R. Lapointe and Sarah M. Ferreira, 24 Jakes Ln., 4/15/2021, $390,000.

Daniel J. and Kaitlyn M. Raymond to Leo Lee, 17 Joston Dr., Unit 17, 4/13/2021, $235,000.

Hampshire Ventures Inc to Christopher and Stacey Luccarelli, 12 Mcintosh Ct., 4/12/2021, $559,133.

John Groff to Chestnut Hill Prop LLC, 20 Parkhurst Rd., 4/13/2021, $166,466.

Charles and Melissa T. Cullinan to Kaitlin M. Berube and Kevin J. Twitchell, Winchester Dr., Lot 114, 4/13/2021, $422,000.


Luis F. Suarez and Linda Fernanda-Zapata to Paul M. Gullotti, 1st St., 4/12/2021, $242,000.

S Rheaume and J Maheux RET and Steve R. Rheaume to Alex Nikulin and Jonathan Leake, 18-a and b Almont St., 4/12/2021, $425,000.

Richard E. Hamon to Gail Walsh, 96 Bluestone Dr., Unit 96, 4/16/2021, $152,000.

Moeller Joan H Est and Julie A. Moeller to Green Realty LLC, Border Brook Ter., 4/13/2021, $215,000.

James M. Turbyne to Katherine B. Howard, Chester St., 4/14/2021, $457,533.

Derr Donald Est and Melissa Stevens to 45 Conant Road LLC, Conant Rd., 4/14/2021, $390,000.

E Hollis St Acqusition to Hanger Apartments LLC, 110 E Hollis St., 4/16/2021, $4,075,000.

Kenneth D. Constant to 20 Hamilton St LLC, Hamilton St., 4/14/2021, $190,000.

Kevin D. and Stacy L. Burek to Rex Li, Harris Rd., 4/16/2021, $515,000.

Nathaniel Meier to Michael J. and Brenda J. Benassi, 38 Hollow Ridge Dr., Unit 38, 4/16/2021, $429,933.

Catherine E. and Steven J. Plourde to Ann M. Raso and John Mcneil, 66 Lund St., 4/16/2021, $350,000.

Phuong and Hanh Doan to Michelle M. and Steven T. Barrow, 74 Nagle St., 4/16/2021, $435,000.

Christopher J. and Kristina A. Rider to Ian W. Dempscy and Carly M. Juckett, Peele Rd., 4/14/2021, $522,000.

Jeffrey T. and Michelle E. Colburn to Daisy Peregrino, 31 Pinehurst Ave., 4/12/2021, $350,000.

Christopher Wellman to Eric C. Lernould and Rachael Dillon, 17 Prescott St., 4/15/2021, $360,000.

Christopher Wellman to Eric C. Lernould and Rachael Dillon, 27 Prescott St., 4/15/2021, $360,000.

Carl J. Tooth to Glena and Russell A. Dukett, Raleigh Dr., Lot 80, 4/15/2021, $410,000.

Joseph Wells to Snow Circle Nashua LLC, Spit Brook Rd (off)., 4/16/2021, $265,000.

James M. Turbyne to Katherine B. Howard, Stark St., 4/14/2021, $457,533.

Laura E. and Paul A. Delima to Maria M. Sargent and Duane E. Briand, 268 Stonebridge Dr., Unit 268, 4/12/2021, $162,533.

James F. Robinson and Emily B. Dukett to Irina Volkow, 10 Strawberry Bank Rd., Unit 14, 4/15/2021, $165,000.

Russell A. and Gena M. Dukett to Divya Raparla, 4 Ternbury Sq., Unit D1, 4/14/2021, $250,000.

Kendrick S. and Najah Gaston to Gregory W. White, Lot H114, 4/15/2021, $397,666.

Property Possible Inc to James W. Hughes, 4/15/2021, $342,533.

Rafael A. Lopez and Molly R. Sullivan to Denise D. and Joseph H. Adams, 4/16/2021, $467,000.


Ian W. and Tanya C. OBrien to Andrew Cardello and Allison Gerlach, 58 Briar Hill Rd., 4/15/2021, $470,000.


Joshua N. Deblois to John P. and Stephanie Ryan, 857 Borough Rd., 4/16/2021, $390,000.

Jacqueline M. and Kevin Bourassa to Charles E. Holden and Rebecca A. Roy, 413 Deerpath Ln., 4/14/2021, $339,000.


Ariel G. Mina to Michael and Dawnn Paragios, 33 Green Rd., 4/16/2021, $350,000.

Robert E. and Shelby R. James to AA RE Enterperises LLC, Hillside Dr., 4/16/2021, $207,933.

Carol A. Rice to Frederick P. Scheffer, 3 Juanita Ave., 4/13/2021, $335,000.

River Vly Dev Corp to Kimberly M. and Jared H. Russell, 24 Kendall Ln., 4/16/2021, $449,933.

Mike and Tia Clark to Frank Demoria, Prescott Rd., 4/12/2021, $157,000.


Cortland Ave Realty LLC to Kyle and Ashley Ithal, 59 Cortland Ave., 4/12/2021, $654,600.

Adam N. and Rebekah R. Baker to Gregory St. Amand, Pine Wood Rd., 4/16/2021, $263,000.

Stanton M. and June M. Ekdahl to Kreg and Danielle Jones, 4/12/2021, $190,000.

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